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Australia is called the "Land Down Under" and sending a container to Australia is just about as far from the United States that you can conceivably ship 40 foot container loads of goods to. Before the container freight industry revolutionized the sea transport industry, the price of thousands of imported household goods in Australia was exorbitantly high simply because of the cost of delivering them there.

With some of the world's largest natural harbors, certain cities in Australia were ideal for the building of container ports. From the time the first container loads of goods arrived in that country, the prices of imported goods of all kinds began to fall. This had its drawbacks, since local industries could no longer compete with imported products. The government introduced high tariffs in order to redress the balance, but over time, prices continued to fall.

If there were economic drawbacks to the container to Australia shipping industry, there were far more economic bonuses. Jobs were created and consumers were able to get the best of everything from around the world at affordable prices. More importantly, Australia was able to export its goods to other nations at competitive prices.

The shipping container to Australia is an interesting case study of the impact that the container freight industry has had around the world. Statistics show that from modest beginnings back in the sixties, the international container shipping industry has grown by leaps and bounds and has been largely responsible for the world's economic growth over the past fifty years. In the past decade alone, the numbers of containers shipped around the globe has increased by an average of nearly 10% per year.

A look at the growth of port cities, like Sydney and Melbourne shows that this industry is capable of reviving a stagnant economy. It is not just dockworkers who benefit from the tens of thousands of container to Australia deliveries each year. The goods they deliver also stimulate the economy as of course do all the exported products.

Aside from the bigger picture, individuals migrating "Down Under" or going there on an extended business visa also benefit from shipping container to Australia. It is by far the cheapest way to ship personal and household goods and thousands of people ship 20 foot container of personal goods to that country each and every year, saving thousands of dollars in doing so.

As simple as the concept is, the idea of creating a standard sized box that could fit onto the back of a truck, train and ship didn't occur to anyone until the 1950s when a trucking industry executive came up with the idea and tried it himself. It wasn't until 1966 that the first transatlantic crossing was made. After that, there was no stopping the industry. Just by shipping a container to Australia instead of having to load, offload and reload thousands of individual goods cut the cost of delivering industrial and household goods in half. We have a gentleman by the name of Malcolm McLean to thank for the idea. It is doubtful that even he could have foreseen the impact his idea would have on global economy.

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There are 10 Container Ports in Australia: Port of Adelaide, Port of Bell Bay, Port of Brisbane, Port of Broome, Port of Burnie, Port of Dampier, Port of Darwin, Port of Darwin (Nt), Port of Fremantle, Port of Gladstone

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